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Comedy as a business is slightly rough on LGBTQA+ folks. Regrettably, we had been the butt of the joke for several years, from mocking trans individuals as well as their identities to stereotyping lesbians, who may have had a reasonable share of shameful “funny reviews” including inaccurate areas of their own sex life, narrated generally by cis right males just who felt not to have interacted with a woman before inside their everyday lives.

We’re happy to say that over the years, however, the community has actually created a place within fraction with the enjoyment business, deciding to make the funniest content of this generation.

From Lily Tomlin to Kate McKinnon, the world of comedy has actually satisfied plenty gifted lesbian article authors, performers, and stand-up specialists, who make parts and skits regarding their own encounters as homosexual feamales in entertaining, charming, and real ways.

Thus, if you wish to split fun, either one that allows you to press slightly air from the nostrils alone or until your own belly affects, listed here are 8 quotes from lesbian comedians that you might relate to.

Fortune Feimster’s delicate but sweet innuendo

I knew quite in early stages that Jax ended up being the main one.

And so I also known as my good friend and she stated

“Oh, you have gotta visit Big Sur” – and no, that was maybe not my nickname in high-school.

When discussing proposing to the woman partner, Fortune made our


type of dirty joke, but we undoubtedly failed to because we must just take issues severely when we talk about the

Great Southern



Ellen Degeneres and her pussies

I said “I gotta progress, I gotta go back home to feed my cats.”

And she stated “oh, exactly how many cats do you have?”

And I said “three”

And she goes “oh, you ARE a lesbian!”

Ellen is actually a leader in the comedy world, she was actually THE lesbian comedian for a long time, and thanks to her, numerous women are on this subject listing nowadays.

Regarding all her laughs about her


, we love this option because it’s a timeless. Lesbians do love cats, as well as for some cause, those small separate yet clingy animals are the best. What is actually amusing about any of it little bit is she focuses on the specificity on the number 3, and recalls that in case she had two, it cannot have produced that much sense as labeled as a lesbian.


Interior decor guidelines from Punki Johnson

“every person lovin’ women in this residence” is going to be on my wallpaper.

“everyone lovin’ ladies in this residence” is actually gonna get on my personal welcome mat.

My personal doorbell is actually gonna ring “Everybody lovin’ feamales in this residence”!

What can occur whenever, as a lesbian, your own child arrived on the scene to you as straight? Punki reflects about this situation claiming that her home is will be a gay household solely, and even, every person are going to be lovin’ women.


Jane Lynch definitely knows how to present someone

Many people have become wondering why I’m a lesbian—ladies and men, the cast of Entourage!

Ever looked over a person and said “yup, I’m homosexual”? Jane Lynch defines this feeling perfectly by contacting Adrian Grenier and business to the stage of the Emmy Prime energy Awards.

This really is nothing personal about all of them or their appearance, but it’s wonderful getting a little check-in and confirm that the destination is not there. So thank you, Jane, for referencing this usual and validating lesbian experience.


End up being multidimensional like Sue Perkins

Getting a lesbian is regarding 47th most interesting most important factor of myself.

That’s easy to state for all the number from the Great British Bake-Off! However in all seriousness, lesbians are far more than simply their sexuality. Will it be wonderful dealing with it? Naturally, but that does not mean that this is the determining trait people should give attention to.

Anyways, are we gonna create a listing of 46 interesting aspects of united states following this? Probably.


Former ‘Great British Bake Off’ Host Sue Perkins To Front Netflix Travel Show

Irene Tu’s oddly profitable coming-out story

I did not turn out to my personal mommy until I was 19, ‘cause I thought she was not gonna end up being cool with-it, you are aware?

And finally I found myself like alright, i am gonna tell this lady, and I go

“Mom, i am gay.”

And she simply goes

“i am aware, have a look at your hair.”

And therefore was it.

That has been the complete dialogue.

Isn’t really this just like the best-case situation? Perhaps a tad bit more emotion would not damage, but it is wonderful to know Irene’s mommy is really attentive, however kept awaiting the woman time and energy to be ready.

And be fair, lesbians possess great, imaginative haircuts, therefore we are unable to actually pin the blame on the girl or her




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Parenting cheats by Jessica Kirson

We’ve a child.

We got the lady yourself Depot.

Ah, Heaven, or as non-lesbians understand it, Home Depot. Would the little one adoption section be found close to the pretty lamps or outside with the plant life? Inquiring the real questions here.

A well-delivered laugh about that shop is valued. This has been accomplished many times, however in this way, therefore we applaud Jessica for switching it in a concisely amusing means.


Cameron Esposito and her secret to bringing in women

Discover the thing, all of you. I didn’t pick my sexuality…

But used to do choose this dress.

Self-expression is actually every thing, and Cameron Esposito understands it. How can you get the interest of a pretty lady if you fail to wear an obvious sign on the forehead that says “Hi, I’m homosexual!” Well, the solution is very easy: clothes.

A lesbian ensemble is tough to describe since it additionally comes with an ambiance, and a mindset, you have got to get submerged and rock and roll your favorite look with certainty, and perhaps put on some enamel pin with a satisfaction flag on the pleather jacket, in the event.


Marga Gomez channelling the Gen X Lesbian challenge

Yeah, yes. We watch ‘The L term.’ We help it but we love to yell at it, you are sure that?

Specially when it is not on DVD, you really have no TiVo,

and you also cannot fast-forward through Jenny.

The widely-known Television program towards schedules of lesbian and bisexual ladies features awaken powerful viewpoints locally throught the years, such as comedy and theater legend Marga Gomez, having slightly writing about the absurdity of several of the storyline points along with her dislike towards major antagonist, Jenny Schecter.

Now with a new generation of queer women producing unusual existence selections, The L keyword continues to be a legendary standard of lesbian history.


Comedian Marga Gomez’s final solo show is touching and hilarious

KeLanna Spiller cannot cut to the chase

I’m low-key jealous of right couples because y’all can go from foreplay to gender like ‘that’ without any issue. Sleek change. […]

But lesbians, we can not do this, we can’t have an easy changeover. We gotta match upwards!

Hey, your whole ‘strap-on’ process might-be much longer this 1 might like, but KeLanna reassures it really is worth the hold off.

All things considered, suiting upwards is what superheroes do, being a hero between the sheets seems like a win-win situation.


The lesbian experience is indeed special, and these comedians have the skill to reflect it with impeccable comedic time in just about every solitary laugh. We recommend you look upwards their deals for a supplementary dose of fun in your time, and encourage one hold giving support to the talented entertainers within our community.

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